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Specifically speaking on the topic of Ranked Warzones, we sort of agree here. We came out swinging a bit early on Ranked Warzones. Our intent was to release Season One shortly thereafter Preseason began. When our development made the shift to Free-to-Play, our priorities shifted as well which included the delay of Ranked Warzones.

This is why we are being cautious about releasing information on Ranked Warzones until things are a bit more locked down. We don't want to burn you guys a second time until our information is more concrete! Especially knowing that Ranked Warzones is a sensitive topic.

I can reassure you that we are in development on Ranked Warzones and as soon as we have information to share, you will have it!

Well thats great and all, that you're still working on ranked -But you need to push out more pvp content overall, not just ranked.

Whats the status on Ilum? Last thing i heard from you was "back to the drawing board"?
-How about the incentive you talked about for general Open World PvP?

Adding 2 Warzones in 14 months and removing Ilum counts as 1 addition in my eyes - and sure we have pre-season too, but thats still the same Warzones. So Ok, dont give us any details about Ranked, fine - but when can we expect to see more and new pvp content added?

Because surely ranked warzones isn't the only thing we will see the next 6 months, right?
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