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Specifically speaking on the topic of Ranked Warzones, we sort of agree here. We came out swinging a bit early on Ranked Warzones. Our intent was to release Season One shortly thereafter Preseason began. When our development made the shift to Free-to-Play, our priorities shifted as well which included the delay of Ranked Warzones.

This is why we are being cautious about releasing information on Ranked Warzones until things are a bit more locked down. We don't want to burn you guys a second time until our information is more concrete! Especially knowing that Ranked Warzones is a sensitive topic.

I can reassure you that we are in development on Ranked Warzones and as soon as we have information to share, you will have it!

PvP is what gives this game longuivity for me. I would hate to see it neglected. SoloQ for ranked play is something I would really love to see implemented, also to make the grind for gear alot less tiredsome. Getting a group of 8 on together regularly is very hard for some people and they are discouraged by the fact that the current pool of players for ranked is such that only the good teams regularly q up anymore, making the casual have less of a chance to even compete.

I truly hope you're introducing cross server q's in order to mitigate some of the community segragation caused by only people that purchase RoTHC being able to q up for rankeds. F2P gave a good boost to the community PvP wise and I would hate to see the pool of players diminishing (read: less q pops) when I hit 55.

This is a real concern for me: Is dividing up the playerbase going to mean alot less ranked/regular q pops @ 55? Is BW taking PvP and season 1 seriously? You have already delayed season 1 so much I fear we still have a long way to go before it gets some love.

Saying it is "in development" right now isn't really something to go by because you (not you specifically of course, but a dev mentioned it in an interview) said the same thing in an article months ago and we haven't even seen the slightest hint of when we can expect the PvP additions to come. If you still have nothing solid to go by which you can communicate to us this tells me that it is still in the early stages of development.

I'm not talking specifics, I would like to know the overall features we can expect in season 1 and a rough timeframe on when we will see those delivered.

Please don't leave the PvP community in the dark on this. I urge you to be more transparant about your development process so we can help steer features and content. This not only benefits us as players but you as a company, cause a happy customers is a paying customer.