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Quote: Originally Posted by RamathRS View Post
Deep in development? It's been almost a year since you released the start of this.

See, this is yet one more example of how BW rushes out their content unfinished, untested and without any forethought beyond what new flashy worthless crap they can throw into their cash shop.
Specifically speaking on the topic of Ranked Warzones, we sort of agree here. We came out swinging a bit early on Ranked Warzones. Our intent was to release Season One shortly thereafter Preseason began. When our development made the shift to Free-to-Play, our priorities shifted as well which included the delay of Ranked Warzones.

This is why we are being cautious about releasing information on Ranked Warzones until things are a bit more locked down. We don't want to burn you guys a second time until our information is more concrete! Especially knowing that Ranked Warzones is a sensitive topic.

I can reassure you that we are in development on Ranked Warzones and as soon as we have information to share, you will have it!

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