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DarthTHC, I understand your argument, but I'm not saying this change automatically makes your game account more secure. It might make your email account more secure. Because yes -- lots of people ARE stupid with their security.

Because of the other security measures in place (with more apparently to be added, according to the gold post), Display Name login doesn't make your game account less secure. Your Display Name may be a known value, but it is still equally hard to actually enter the account because of the other security factors. It's like having a single number for a combination lock -- but the door that's locked with the combo lock also requires a keycard, and maybe a retina scan.

(Aside: how many players are there who have never posted in the forums? They all have an account name here, but a crawler script would probably never find it because it's never been publicly used... kind of like your email address. That doesn't make your point less valid, but it does mean that that particular security hole doesn't apply to everyone. Neither of them (email vs. username) do.)
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