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@Striges eeeee I love it. Particularly the phrase 'shards of ambiguity' it's very agent-y. In game, Vector really does seem to see past a lot of the Agent's BS, though I never played full dark side so I'm not sure how well his intuition holds up if you choose to truly be awful.

Here's some fluff
Prompt: Morning After
Remi and Scourge, takes place after chapter 3 during the longer Remi the Grey story.
JK end game spoiler reference.

Edit adding more comments I forgot:
@iamthehoyden I don't think I need to reiterate my love for Ajacksa but I really like her. I love the idea that her acting classes are part of what she's using to bluff her way around Hutta (and it's probably not working at all)

@bright Oh Kirsk, you silly scoundrel. I love the idea that Kirsk is also a minor in this and that Vierce would be quick enough to posit that their brilliant daughter is the one who took advantage of poor simple-minded Kirsk. Hilarious.