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There is literally no way to keep DPS from pulling agro SOMETIMES, because of how the threat mechanics work.
I disagree with that. As a dps, your main job is to support the tank's main target and kill it asap. Your job isn't to go spastic all-out dps on something I only have smash and sunder aggro on, or to pull a non-aggro'd group. If the healer draws aggro from the tank or the tank can't get aggro on a far mob, by all means pick it up.

Quote: Originally Posted by Beltane View Post
Now, if the DPS is being totally stupid and running amok, that is one thing. But during a fightthe DPS are SUPPOSED to be fighting the mobs that the tank can't hit solo.
Half true; too often I see dps focusing a target that the tank hasn't even pulled or pulling before the tank does. When I'm on my jugg it's a problem, on my powertech not so much. On the rare occasion I mess up and use leap, get knocked back/stunned and the healer is getting mauled, I have no problems and usually thank the dps for picking it up and apologize for the pull. That is few and far between.