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03.05.2013 , 03:23 PM | #154
Wow, I have never seen so many people who either can't read or are in denial. If they were to give you preferred and f2p players all the benefits of subscribers then tell me, what would be the point of subbing? The same questions are being asked over, and over again. Plus it drives me nuts that people just don't get it that 2.0 and the expansion are the same thing, stop saying "Well what else do we get? Thats it? Wow." There is actually quite of bit of content coming, and you all should just be happy that it is, what if there were no expansion? Well my assumption is people would be whining about lack of new content. Since there is it's well why isn't this or that and this in there? People will never be satisfied, ever. Please, instead of flooding every post that has a dev response in it with the same questions that have been answered many times, look up your question before spamming it. Over 80% of the questions I'm seeing have been answered already, mutliple times. I'm just happy to have all this new content coming, and more to come. Learn to appreciate what you have. instead of always trying to get more and more.