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Sorry it's been so long since my last thread, but I have been a bit busy. BUT I am back with the conclusion to Malak's tale. I have changed the way this thread is written, so if you like the way this thread is written, speak up and I may consider making a full change.

"And in the end, as the darkness takes me, I am nothing."- Darth Malak

Upon their return to the known galaxy, the Dark Lords of the Sith- Revan and Malak- located the Star Forge and forged their own Empire, using the Star Forge to build and fuel their war machine. Darth Revan was the strongest of the two and proclaimed himself leader of their new Empire.

With a powerful armada comprised of former Jedi Knights and allies during the Mandalorian Wars, Revan and Malak launched an invasion of Republic space, beginning with the siege of Foerost. Like their predecessors, Exar Kun and Ulic Qel-Droma, Revan and Malak launched a raid of the shipyards. This raid resulted in Revan and Malak capturing a majority of the Republic fleet.

It was not long before Malak made an attempt to steal the title of Dark Lord from his master. He viewed Darth Revan as 'soft,' forcing the two into a brief lightsaber duel. The duel ended with Darth Revan removing Malak's jaw, forcing him to speak through a cybernetic vocabulator. Malak was then forced to wait for the right moment to strike down his master and take control of their Empire.

Shortly after the Jedi Civil War began, Revan and Malak gained their greatest ally- Saul Karath. Karath once served as an admiral in the Republic navy, but quickly renounced the Republic and pledged his support to Revan and Malak. Karath and his flagship, the Leviathan, was placed under the command of Darth Malak, who commanded Karath to bombard Telos IV as a test of loyalty. Karath launched his attack with extreme prejudice, using his knowledge of Republic security codes to slip past Republic sensors and launch a surpirse attack on the planet. Telos fell quickly and Admiral Karath had cemented his place in the Empire.

While Malak plotted Revan's downfall, he made several brutal attacks on Republic worlds. He devastated Iridonia and Rodia, the brutality of his attacks a direct contrast to Revan's strategy for conquest. Malak sought only destruction, and viewed his master as an obstacle in his path.

The opportunity for him to usurp the title of Dark Lord of the Sith had once again been given to him. Revan's flagship had been boarded by a Jedi strike team led by Bastila Shan, a Jedi powerful in the art of battle meditation. Malak took this moment to remove his master and cripple the Republic war effort in a single stroke. He commanded his own ship to fire on Revan's flagship. However, Revan was saved by Bastila, who brought him to the Jedi Order. This was unknown to Malak, as he claimed the title of Dark Lord of the Sith and leader of the Sith Empire.

Without Revan to slow him down, Malak launched brutal attacks with impunity. His strategies centered around destruction of worlds, thus preventing either side from benefitting from the resources that these worlds provided. While not as efficient a tactician as his master, Malak scored several victories through the sheer size and firepower of his armada, greatly outnumbering and outgunning the Republic fleets.

Upon learning of Bastila Shan's survival, Malak focused much of his war effort on finding and destroying her. He would nearly succeed in doing so when his apprentice- Darth Bandon- launched an attack on the Endar Spire. Bastila would escape the destruction of the Republic vessel and take refuge on Taris. Darth Malak ordered a blockade of the planet to prevent her from escaping.

But the search for Bastila took too long for Malak. He did not want to risk the young Jedi escaping Taris, and thus commanded Admiral Karath to bombard the planet. However, Bastila was able to escape with decorated war hero Carth Onasi and an amnesiac Revan.

Malak then tasked infamous bounty hunter Calo Nord, from whom he learned that Revan was indeed alive, to track down and capture Bastila. But the bounty hunter would be unable to defeat Revan, forcing Malak to send Darth Bandon.

While Bandon tracked Bastila, Malak launched an attack on the Jedi Enclave of Dantooine. He bombed the planet, killing Jedi and civilians. He then plundered the ruins of the Enclave for Jedi Holocrons, also capturing several Jedi for his experiments on the Star Forge.

Learning of Darth Bandon's failure, Malak made his own attempts to capture Bastila, culminating in an ambush while the Ebon Hawk was en route to the final Star Map, the final piece to locating the Star Forge. On board the Leviathan, Malak revealed to Revan his former identity as Dark Lord of the Sith. The two adversaries then engaged in single combat, neither duelist gaining an advantage until Malak put a stasis field around Revan.

Malak was then engaged by Bastila Shan, who commanded Revan to flee so that he may find the Star Forge. Malak was able to defeat Bastila and capture her, taking her to Rakata Prime. Intent on gaining the advatage that the Republic had abused, Malak sealed her within an ancient temple and tortured her until she broke. The torture was too great for the young Jedi to withstand. Malak broke her will and turned her to the Dark Side, making her his new apprentice and gifting his armada with battle meditation.

With the Star Forge at his command, Malak began planning his final siege of the Core Worlds. With Bastila at his side, Malak would put an end to the war and crush the Republic. But he would never get the chance. Intent of saving Bastila and stopping Malak, Revan boarded the Star Forge, and the arrival of a Republic fleet devided Malak's attention.

Malak commanded Bastila to aid his fleets in destroying the Republic fleet while he rallied the Star Forge's defenses against his former master. Revan would prove too difficult to stop. He defeated Bastila in single combat and returned her to the Light. Bastila then turned her Battle Meditation against Malak, greatly aiding the Republic fleet.

Malak was cornered on the Star Forge, but the Dark Lord was far from defeated. Revan and Malak once again fought a fierce battle. Malak proved difficult to defeat, bringing the power of the Star Forge to bear on his former master. But it wouldn't be enough. Malak was defeated once again. He perished aboard the Star Forge, dying with regret for his past deeds. His body was destroyed as the Star Forge was obliterated by the Republic fleet.

The Dark Lord of the Sith was a skilled lightsaber combatant and commanded many diverse powers. However, his legacy as Dark Lord of the Sith did not come from his skill or power. The destruction of worlds such as Taris and Telos served as testaments to his ferocity and brutality in war for centuries to come.

*Do you think Malak surpassed his master in power?

Like I said, if you like the change I have made to the writing of these threads, say so.
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