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The benefits of blockading Nar Shaddaa are pretty small, however that's not to say Traya has no way of destroying Jekk'Jekk Tarr. I originally thought a full body suit was needed because the toxic fumes where lethal to the touch, not only to breath in. (I believe the enviro-suit was a plot device.) However this seems not to be the case as the Exile only used breath control to bypass them. So, equip some assassins with breathing masks and send them in stealthed with some clientele.

Then have the assassins plant say, dioxis gas in the circulation systems. With the aliens not wearing breath masks, such as the Gand, they won't be able to ward off its effects and will all die. With the bar compromised Ubese assassins will likely flood the area and be cut down. If the Sith are unable to pass through the maze (it wouldn't be that hard) they can simply cave it in. Trapping all inside who will likely starve or at least have to sit the fight out.