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Wow... really?

"So play Bounty Hunter!" was your best response? You have got to be kidding me...
Well considering the ONLY Jawa Companion is that of Blizz who is the Companion of the Bounty Hunter and there are no other Jawa Companions in the Game, yeah, Play the Bounty Hunter is the ONLY response.

By Companion, I refer to those that can speak & fight alongside of you & has his/her own spot on your Ship. What more did you expect or even want in terms of an Answer?

"Oh, there is Jawa Companion coming the down the line for everyone" - Except only BW would know that and they haven't given any clue as to if we would even be getting a new Companion any time soon [ie before Rise of the Hutt Cartel Expansion].

You might not like the answer or the way it was said, but when the question basically asks "How can I have a Jawa as a Companion?" then the only answer at the moment is "Play the Bounty Hunter Class"