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03.05.2013 , 12:44 PM | #6
Been playing sage on and off since release. Played pre 1.2 where we were king. The build you have is almost spot on however there are something's that are diffrent in my build than yours. Instead of the dn
Near insta ww I'm taking 2 in conduction and chaos nexus. The reason for this is while polarity shift is active your CL and LS have a 60% chance to hit twice. Polarity shift also last 5 seconds longer with a short cool down. This means we have more burst longer with more up time. We all know burst in pvp is king and it happening about every minute while specd into chaos nexus can make us viable for rateds. Obviously needs some testing but from what I've seen/played this is going to be the rebirth of the hybrid and we will do massive AOE damage from
Ranged. 2.0 sorc ranged smash? Hahaha
We are Matchless