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The issue is two-fold in terms of security.

If you were wise, used a unique e-mail address for origion which you used nowhere else, keep your PC clean of keyloggers and used a unique password. Then yes, this move is a step back in terms of security as one element of the login is being handed out to the world to see.

However! Most people who had this level of common sense, will probably also have an authenticator added to their account to top things off.

The average Joe however, fails to care for account security. They use the same email address here, as well as on dozens of other locations. Additionally, different passwords are also unheard off. And authenticators? Well, they're just annoying! Needing to type in an extra security measure and all. Furthermore, keyloggers? Well, never happens to me and if so, who cares right?

For that latter group, which is a major chunk of for who the CS will be busy resolving hacked account issues, this move IS an improvement in security. As once yet another website, game server, MMO database or whatever gets hacked and emails and passwords are lost, their accounts are less likely to be lost the next day as they may not have had the opportunity to have the same username here. And there is nothing really tying their username here, to that random email address in hacked listings.
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