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Okay, so here is a challenge for security experts:

1. Find out my display name
2. Find out my e-mail addy, which I use for SWTOR and this website.
3. Evaluate which of the two is harder to find out.
4. Explain how the new system will improve security

This is a ludicrous change. You remove a more or less hidden value and replace it by an openly accessible value and call that an improvement in security ??
This is how it works;

Trojans and other malicious software are installed to your computer by hackers who install them to your computer through various techniques.

These trojans, for example, read whatever you write on your screen and send it further to the hacker.

When you login with your email adress for example to the hacker may then easily try to hack themselves to your email adress, hotmail as an example, which is easy to hack for people who know how to do it.

Then they just simply request a new password from to your email adress they already hacked, and after they recieve a new passwotrd they make a hostile takeover of your swtor account.

NOW, when you only login with your "username" these trojans wont get any vital information from you, meaning the possibility of hostile takeover of your swtor account is decreased significantly.