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This is an excellent Security Update as this will do several things from a global Security prospective.
  1. Help to protect individuals identities or identifying information. In some Countries around the world the use of Email addresses is considered a identifying piece of information thus the use of it could be a violation of legal laws (e.g. possibly Germany).
  2. Unify all cross-reference actions from account and forum.

The question I have will we be allowed to do a one-time Account Name change if we desire without losing history of our posting?

Additionally I am wondering if we will see a purge of inactive User accounts to free up possible accounts for new player?

BTW before you think #1 is not the case. I work professionally in Information Security and hold several Global Certifications including my CISSP and thus understand the Risk and pain. I do see and understand why some of you do not agree, but understand if your system is compromised it is a layer of overall security not account security for the game. It is the larger individual that is being considered here not the SWTOR.
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