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I wanted to try and test this on the PTS, but can't at this time. I learned the grade 30 skill barrel schematic, and have all the materials required except for [Tricopper Flux], which is a white crafting material that should either be available at the crafting supplies vendor, or through Scavenging missions.

Unfortunately, nobody on PTS has been able to figure out how to get this material, so nobody can craft this stuff yet.

Hopefully this gets fixed, then I'll craft a bunch, ship them over to a guildie who will try the crafting cheat and we'll see if BW has plugged the exploit or not.
you can and I don't see a good reason for it not to be ,, expect from those that complain the greedy few ...

the cooper you need to make the mods is in the pts now to it went in last update .. )

Why is it a Cheat ? if they would have said it was intened would it have been a cheat then ? and they did say they may just leave it that way. .. this is one of those mistakes that fixes how some things are done .. if its not broke why fix it .