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Hey all.

As a VERY new player aka n00b to SWTOR, I wanted to know which is the best Tank Class to choose, from what I've read here, it seems Shadow/Assasin would be the best for a n00b l.ike me?

I know how to play Tank Role, I played DCUO (PS3) for 2 years, then decided to give this game a go, I chose a Juggenaut Tank, but then found this thread, it seems for a newcomer like myself, an Assassin is the way to go, or am I wrong?
In general:

Jedi Shadow, full tank spec - With a long list of abilities, a shadow tank looks great on paper. But it's likely the hardest tank spec to play, because you have to use all those non-passive abilities.

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Shadow is a lot of fun, and takes a lot of extra work to keep up to par.
As the previous posters mentioned, running a shadow tank requires constant effort during a fight.

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Shadow is great in the hands of an awesome player. Sucks in the hands of an inexperienced player but that's true of all the tanks.
Lose track of your non-passive defensive abilities, threat generation, plus a few other things, and you'll wipe the group. You could Try running this tank without keybinding, but you won't be very effective. You'll likely be very dead.

But if you want a constant challenge when tanking, be a shadow tank.

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Guardian/Juggernaut - the toughest tanks in the game
Sith Juggernaut, full tank spec - With all that heavy armor, better passive defense than a shadow tank (light armor). A healer won't be guzzling power to keep you alive. Average agro/threat control. A 'fun' easy to learn tank class to play.

Keybinding is optional. Until you start raiding, people probably won't notice.

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Finally Guardians are last but we can survive damage that the other tanks would die at without a boatload of healing (40% DR 25% max HP and 2s or invulnerability with an additional 50% of saber deflection) and our AoE threat sucks but we have a damn lot of mobility with charge and intercede (able to jump from mobs to players)
Jedi Sentinel, full tank spec - The classic heavy armor, stand in one place tank. The Republic version of the Juggernaut. Easy to play. An effective, more forgiving, but boring tank.

Keybinding is optional; slightly more free time than a juggernaut. You could snack during a non-raid battle.
<click>pause<click>sip<click> ..

Tested the 2.0 version, and this spec is a revitalized killer. No more snacking.

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In all honesty the tanks are exceptionally well balanced (relative to healers and DPS anyway). So play what you enjoy.
That's the best advice here.