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Hi everyone,

By now you're all probably bored of playing 4man premades and complaining about random pugs, unbalanced teams, poor class composition, too strong, too weak opponents.

Proposing regular balanced ranked games on a nightly basis.
7:30pm start

Prerequisite is Full WarHero and just show up and ask for invite.

Hopefully we can field 2/4/6 teams on a nightly basis and simply play 8's.
Odd teams is no fun so hopefully we can coordinate both sides accordingly.

Monday to Wed : Fun scrimmages balanced.
4 Person limit per guild unless agreed upon prior or numbers

Thursday to Sunday: Bring your best scimmage

Feel free to PM me on my toons if your guild or you as an individual wants to play.
Or post here.

Also <Treason> is recruiting. We're hoping to get 20 or so members competent at PVP who simply want to play and play we will. Play with us, against, amongst us... all are welcome. Hoping to field at 2 teams for frequent 8's amongst ourselves or vs whomever. Just be active.

Just show up play. Trying to keep number of teams at an even number. 4 preferably. Emphsis on Balanced teams.

Please have Teamspeak ready.

Suggestions or expressions of interest most welcome!

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