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"You have to admire the Chiss. They don't just steal your technology—they make it better." Anonymous Imperial engineer.

Well this is the crux of this AMAZING fighter, that many do not know about. The chiss claw craft was the mainstay of the Chiss starfighter corps from the time of Palpatine well into 140 ABY during the times of Cade Skywalker. This fighter took it's cues from the original TIE Fighter, but it took the idea and completely ran with it in their own direction.

The basis of the fighter is the standard Ball cockpit, and TIE style ion engines. But from there, things changed. There were 4 s-foil type wings that swept in giving the claw like shape that gave the fighter it's name. At the end of each wing was a L-s7.2 laser cannon.

With a better armored hull and modest shields, it made the fighter actually slower than the TIE fighter, but it was actually more nimble due to the maneuvering thrusters put on each wing. So for less speed it actually turned faster.

The fighter was hyper capable, but instead of mounting a full navigation computer, it instead had a hyper space beacon. The theory was to give the squadron leader a hyper space computer then slave the rest of the squadron to the leader, saving parts and weight for the rest of the squadron. This practice was continued until 28 ABY and hyper computers were put in all fighters. Also in later flight claw craft warhead launchers were put in as well.

Overall this fighter was probably the most nimble fighters in space. It could pull off maneuvers that most fighters could only watch in blank amazement. In a speed race the Claw Craft would probably lose, but in a close quarters, high turning dogfight, there were not many ships that could stand up to it, why jag fel racked up such an impressive kill count, and why during an ambush outside Borleais during the Vong war he was able to survive long enough for Kyp Durron to do his force trick on the Vong Corvette allowing Fel to escape.

All and all, a dogfighter to be reckoned with.
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