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However I would agree that she did, before she died, want to do something 'right' for the galaxy, to train an apprentice who would fail or fall as others had. But that entire video is pretty indicative of what I've been saying, I suggest you watch the whole thing.

EDIT: It is also possible and perhaps even likely, that Kreia was also preparing the Exile to face the 'true Sith' who lurked in the Unknown Regions. She obviously realised them as a threat and foresaw another war between force users, a war she likely wished to prevent or at least soften.
Ah, then perhaps it wasn't so much revenge she was after, but vindication. Basically she wanted to prove that her teachings produced more complete, better students than those of the Jedi Masters.

As for the whole "Resurgent Sith Empire" bit... I really doubt it. It's a bit tiring to have everyone reading into that so much. To my knowledge, it was really only Revan who was preparing to fight them. Even Malak wasn't really aware of Revan's overall goals, which is why he was only bent on conquest during KotOR, not seeing why Revan was so carefully capturing key infrastructure and defeating the Republic's fleets without destroying the industrial power.
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