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I prefer to play non-ranked since I am not a part of a competitive PvP guild or group. We do play on live servers, but we aren't allowed to say our character names and we play "incognito."

At the moment, I don't have any answers for your Ranked Warzone questions, but I will message some developers and see if I can find you some.
Thanks for taking a few minutes, appreciate that. I'm a pain the in the rear on these forums, so it's quite unique when I actually have a positive dialogue with a yellow name.

As for the last part, this would be fantastic if we could get any news. It's been since June 2012 since Rankeds went Live...and well...I think peeps are tired of seeing "Pre-Season". Even if Season 1 doesn't come around soon, it would be awesome if they could just put in the ladder system into Pre-season. I'm not sure if those who working on Rankeds are even still with the current Development it has some of us worried. Any help would be great.

Thanks again for your time.
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