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Quote: Originally Posted by Pistols-GS View Post
Right on, glad to know you guys get into some PvP.

That being said, have any of you guys done any Ranked matches? If so, how did you like them?

One question many of us who do Rankeds, is what are the teams plans in regards to Season 1 starting. It was said, and forgive me as I can't locate the source atm, that when Season 1 hit there would be a ladder system in place where teams would face-off against teams with similar Rating scores. If I may, I really hope that gets put in ASAP, I think you guys would see an up-tick of participation of players/teams knew they would face teams near their own rating level. <---While that doesn't mean it'll be perfect, it would help get more teams/guilds involved, and kick-start this aspect back into action. Currently, the Rankeds scene is becoming dried up due to teams who "own" the system.

That being said, I (and some others) would really love to hear any plans/thoughts/ideas from the development team regarding Rankeds in general, and perhaps Season 1's debut. Thank you for replying, sorry for the long post. Ack.
I prefer to play non-ranked since I am not a part of a competitive PvP guild or group. We do play on live servers, but we aren't allowed to say our character names and we play "incognito."

At the moment, I don't have any answers for your Ranked Warzone questions, but I will message some developers and see if I can find you some.
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