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doesn't lower ability cd's
But the gcd decrease is so tiny and as we do not benefit from shortened casttimes (ravage stays the same), we can just focus on the stats, that are really important to us
The problem with the alacrity mods is that they're always at the expense of critical, power, surge and accuracy. Our accuracy should always remain at 100% and crit/surge should be at 30%/75% before buffs. In the full vindicator set with the alacrity, mine went down to around 16% crit, 65% surge, and 96% accuracy. Not the best numbers in the world.

I thought this time, ok if that's how stats are supposed to be now, I should test and see if I should forego accuracy/crit/surge and focus on alacrity so I visited a training dummy with two sets of gear with me. I compared on my main juggernaut the difference between gear with alacrity verses gear with no alacrity and a lot more focus on power/accuracy/crit/surge. For the gear with more alacrity at the expense of crit power/accuracy/crit/surge and my time with the dummy on the fleet came out to 1887.6 while when I kicked out the alacrity and rearranged my gear to get my crit, surge and accuracy to where they were before it came to 1966.7. So, yeah, I must say don't waste time with alacrity at the expense of power/accuracy/crit/surge as it clearly doesn't pay off in the end for melee DPS.
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