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Holy cow I actually managed to do a prompt on time.

Prompt: The Morning After
Featuring Remi and Crew because somethingsomething love the character and Scourge.
Spoilers for JK end game


Story comments!

@Selentar I didn't think it was lame, I actually liked the parallel, but I'm always left with a strange feeling of "what the heck?" when someone drops a bomb like that and walks away. As to the philosophical discussion with Ashara, brilliant! I agree with bright, a conversation like that would have been awesome, especially since my SI was an Occulus. Unfortunately, it always felt like Ashara conversations ended with her saying "I'm a Jedi if I believe I am, wheeeeeee."

Dear Corso,

Like any good contract, the only term of a relationship that you get to dictate is where you say "No" and walk away, everything else must be negotiated.

Platonic Hugs and Kisses and a dirty kick if you don't act right,
-Captain Nosc

I love Nic. She's a woman after my Nosc's heart. She totally would have gone for a fling, the man is kind of cute until he opens his mouth.

@iamthehoyden Remi twin! I like her, a good-hearted (at least at first) BH, possibly on a slide to cynicism? I hope for more of her, hopefully slowly enough for me to finish the bloody BH story. I will get through Hoth though, I just met Blizz!