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I'm skeptical that the Force Bond between the Exile and Kreia was actually as strong as she had the Exile believe. I had always believed that she was manipulating it to make it appear far stronger than it was so that she could better influence the Exile. After all, everyone you ask about the Force Bond is always incredulous that Kreia has suggested it would kill you if she died. I think it's just to make sure that the Exile doesn't decide to decapitate her, or let Atton blow her out an airlock.

Darth Traya is supposed to be the embodiment of betrayal. I think that in the end, she betrayed the Exile, whom she was just using to enact her revenge on the Jedi Council and her former apprentices. Her plans for deafening the Force failed, but she could still ensure that everyone who had "wronged" her in the past would pay with their lives. Eventually, though, she was just an old woman who had grown fond of seeing her apprentice become wise and powerful. Essentially, she was content to die and have the Exile become her legacy, now that all her enemies were dead.
Interesting, however the Force bond between them was strong, so its possible she was telling the truth. Two examples of this being the case: when Kreia had her hand cut off, Meetra felt her pain pretty powerfully, and then this (cut content), Kreia stabs herself in the chest and the Exile almost dies. I think the bond was real, but yes, she definitely used it as a tool of manipulation.

Interesting interpretation though, however I disagree that she was out for revenge. I genuinely believe she was out to destroy the Sith to prevent the galaxy from dying, and prevent what she had set in motion, and I do not believe she wished to kill the Jedi Masters either - only show them that they were wrong. Like she says in that video:

"You must understand. I did not wish the Jedi dead. Defeated... perhaps. I merely wished them to see that they and their teaching were wrong. That one could not truly understand the Force simply by adhering to the Jedi Code."

I? Do you think I seek the death of all living things? There is no victory in such things. I do not want to win our war like this, little Jedi. When I win, I wish it to be because I was right, my teachings true.

However I would agree that she did, before she died, want to do something 'right' for the galaxy, to train an apprentice who would fail or fall as others had. But that entire video is pretty indicative of what I've been saying, I suggest you watch the whole thing.

EDIT: It is also possible and perhaps even likely, that Kreia was also preparing the Exile to face the 'true Sith' who lurked in the Unknown Regions. She obviously realised them as a threat and foresaw another war between force users, a war she likely wished to prevent or at least soften.