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Greetings everyone - I have been collecting the feedback of the top 16 man guilds over the last few weeks and using their input to come up with the most agreeable system to track progression going forward. The goal was to not only come up with a system that could be used in Scum and Villainy (S+V) but any future tier of content going forward (TFB NiM is most immediately after).

Please post all kill times here with the following format:
Guild name
Time of kill (use GMT) or
Your server (only needed for first kill/post)
Your region (please post as US-East, US-West, or EU - only needed for first kill/post)
Kill shot pic/proof video (if you post a video, I need approx. kill time) use this link for time proof:
Proof of mode (you can do this through leader and right clicking mode)

Alternatively - you can also provide a picture of the achievement - however this is currently a bit bugged, so it will need to be fixed before it can be accepted.

Please see this link to a sample of the system using somewhat random times:

Now, please see this link for the actual system that will be kept updated through this tier of progression:

We will be using a time-based system with a base detrimental point value of -1/hour and a base of 10,000. We have weighted the first two bosses at 1/2 of the point value of the base and the last boss at 2x - meaning, the points will deteriorate at -(1/2)/hour on the first two bosses and -2/hour for the last. The system works by taking the kill time of the guild who got the first kill, giving them the maximum 10,000 points, and then every guild that kills after will receive points based on the amount of time they take to get the kill after the first. While the overall groups the European and US guilds together, I have also added in regional rankings as well to help differentiate.

Note: We realize that almost all (if not all) of these guilds are on PTS killing this content (most of us are currently on the last boss as I write this). We agree that S+V HM (and basically any hard mode version going forward) isn't really progression for us - NiM is progression raiding. So consider this a dry run of using this system for when TFB NiM goes live, of which I will then make a new thread.

If someone would like to copy this system and use it for tracking 8 man, feel free to contact me and I will send you a blank spreadsheet copy.