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This article u linked is still relevant. Most all of the info is accurate even in 1.7.

Shadow Tanks
+ resilience is the best defensive cooldown for endgame PvE. lets the ops group work around mechanics straight up (NiM EC included).
+can stealth battle rez and/or use "OUT OF COMBAT" self-heal (this is straight up BROKE OP duh)
+best at holding aggro (both single and AOE)
-most spiky (skilled/over-geared healers can keep up tho)

Vanguard Tanks
+Best mitigation tank (white damage only)
+Best AOE aggro holding tank (lots of high damaging AOE abilities)
+Top DPS tank (usually not a big deal, but can be if <insert boring,specific examples>)
-the HoT cooldown is not all that great.
-Folds to force/tech damage more so than the other tanks because the ONLY way to coop with it is a single cooldown.

Guardian Tanks
+Better collection of defensive cooldowns than Vanguards
+slightly better at holding single-target aggro than Vanguards
+Broken OP in PvP (all other tanks are a negative to the team).
~Funnest tank to play (fact )
-good luck holding AOE aggro
-outshined by Shadows and Vanguards in practice very slightly tho

Summary: Shadows are broken due to stealth (seriously, not exaggerating). Abuse'em if u want to be a god. Vanguards are easy-mode + best at mitigation. Guardians are the worse in practice but fun.

-brought to u by a Dread Slayer / Warstalker x3 / Deep Wriggler x 3 ******. no need to thank me noobs
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