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@ Bright: Ok, belated response, but hey youíve advanced Vierceís story so quickly in the last day or so I couldnít have kept up if I tried. Such is inspiration. So, that in mind, hereís the short version:


Kabeoneís right, Cross Faction feels like a military or spy drama. Itís a great read for any number of reasons, not least because itís a Star Wars story with important events occurring that donít involve Jedi or Sith. Go go non-Force-sensitives! Iím enjoying the progression overall, and I like your take on how Vossí Nightmare Lands might affect sentients that rely on broader senses than humans. Also, Vierceís conversation with Jorgan, basically hanging himself out to dry, was a nice touch. I agree with Jorgan, I donít think command would buy it, but nice anyway. Especially given how the Trooper story starts.

Lodestone-Canon contrast is stark. Canon seems to be the one where everyone gets stuff done but no one is happy, Lodestone where people are happier doing everyday things.

@ Kabeone: Aiee, drabbles and hints. All these little bits, little threads. I like all the snippets (and you tantalize with Scourgeís statement in the first one!)

@ Vesaniae: totally did not see the ending. In a weird way, I canít decide which ending (to date) I prefer. Canít wait to read more options. (for the record, I dislike the ending of Revenge of the Sith as well. Kung Fu Pandaís ending fight with Shi-Fu and Tai-Lung was a better Obi-Wan vs Anakin duel. Canít find a youtube clip, darn copyright infringement.)