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03.03.2013 , 10:41 PM | #7
While I've only just started using my Vanguard in end-game ops, I've been tanking on my Guardian and Shadow since launch.

Many people complain about Guardians lack of threat, and while that's true about aoe, if your DPS give you two GCD's on a boss pull, you'll have very little problem with single target threat. The survivability that's inherent of the Guardian is just crazy, the cooldowns they have will allow you to survive things that other tanks wouldn't without a load of intervention from healers. And if you are losing threat to a particular DPS, there's always Guardian Leap (not to mention guarding that pesky dps'er, but all tanks can and should do that).

Shadow is a lot of fun, and takes a lot of extra work to keep up to par. The light armor is not really a detriment as their Combat Technique/Dark Charge not only dramatically increases their threat but also increases their armor and damage mitigation. Pared with self heals from Harnessed Shadows, Combat Technique and Force Breach, that takes care of most survivability problems. They have a very strong defensive cooldown with Resilience, though Guardians get their own version in 2.0. Shadows excel at aoe threat, which is nice on trash, not so useful on bosses, and have excellent single target threat as well.

From my limited time with my Vanguard, I like him... but he feels weak to me. Their defensive cooldowns are exceedingly weak, and are on a very long cooldown for as limited as they are. Their aoe threat is, imo, almost on par with a Shadows and their single target threat is about standard.

All-in-all, I'd suggest finding what you'll be tanking alongside if you want a varied tank group, and find one that compliments what you'll be tanking with. That aside, play what you like, they're all very fun to tank with and in the hands of a skilled player, any one of them can excel.