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03.03.2013 , 08:07 PM | #199
Ascension Strikes Back has killed 10-stack Dreadtooth and the Dreadful Entity (TfB secret boss). Special thanks to

Flintece (The Order of El Elyon),
Ossa (Dysfunctional),
Moon (Doomed Lemmings), and
Allandria (The Order of Sixty-Six)

who came out to help ASB get our kill. Some fun facts: (1) a few pulls in, we got Dreadtooth to 0%. Unfortunately, we then died (>.>). (2) Skyblaze is in Fera Intus, but he's in the Black Bisectors ASB progression group (and has been for a looooooong time). Finally, the prize for "best joke" goes to Moon, who had to ninja-afk right before a pull and I became so confused when people started dying. Apparently, you need healers in PvE XD.

I will be posting the videos in a few hours. (Dreadtooth makes my supercomputer cry, though, so be warned ahead of time!)

Screenshot - The Resurgent

Screenshot - Dread Slayer