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In all honesty the tanks are exceptionally well balanced (relative to healers and DPS anyway). So play what you enjoy. Things are going to change when 2.0 hits so I would suggest waiting until then to start.

Guardian definitely has the hardest time with AoE threat (and ST threat) due largely to being a pure melee class. Has the most CDs. Has the best clutch CDs but falls behind Shadow for proactive usage. Very few changes in playstyle on PTS but they are making it a lot easier to hold threat. Rotation is completely revamped in 2.0 but is much smoother.

Vanguard takes the most damage, has the easiest time with AoE if Mortar Volley is up but is behind a Shadow if its on CD. Has the fewest and weakest CDs. Gameplay is changing on PTS at the moment. Definitely the easiest tank to play.

Shadow is great in the hands of an awesome player. Sucks in the hands of an inexperienced player but that's true of all the tanks. Gameplay is pretty similar in 2.0 For low DTPS these guys are the kings thanks to the self heal. For extremely high DTPS they are a little behind the others but usually pretty even. Has the best CDs if used proactively but lacks the clutch survivability of the Guardian.
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