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03.03.2013 , 05:53 PM | #10
I would love to see some of the hoods working correctly. Its very annoying getting something that has a hood to put it on and the hood completely disapears, especially if you pay real money from the cartel market to have these.
What bioware should be doing is making the hooded items have the lekku rest along your shoulders down the front of your chest.

Instead we are left with hoods on gear completely disapearing?

Also allot of closed helmets have the lekku sticking straight through the helmet, while not all of them do this really none of them should. If the helmet is on the head the lekku should just disapear. Its very annoying putting on a cool helmet and seeing the lekku stick out of the back as it looks completely out of place.

I know there has been issues with the lekku since alpha and understandably its not fair that bioware would spend extra time on race over another. However at the end of the day bioware choose to have twi'leks in the game meaning they should be correctly supported too. I almost feel there should be a disclaimer when creating a twi'lek that warns the user that many helmets and hoods do not work correctly with this race.

This also leaves me very little faith in bioware adding more races into the game, if there is still issues with one that has been in the game since launch how can we expect new ones to work correctly. Even more so since we will have to pay real money to unlock any future races.