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I logged my ticket with my 60 odd missing entries the other day - I know it'll take awhile for them to go through my data but I was wondering from those who have had their entries fixed, how long between logging and fix did you have to wait.

Also I am loving the look of the new achievement system - and it's legacy wide... This would be the perfect time for them to fix the codex once and for all...
Ok had an email to say that they are happy to announce they have sorted out my problem... standard CS reply but when I logged in I found that most of the entries have been added. So now at 669/812.

Like other consulars although I asked for them I wasn't granted:
Satele Shan
Cathar Settlers &

Not sure why these were left out - will log another ticket about them in particular.

As an aside I now see that the entries for the Gree event are at the top out of the way in the codex... Also did anyone get the "Combat Specimen" title during the event for defeating all the WBs?
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