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Heya! I'm just wondering what you experiened lethality/lethality hybrid players are suggesting? I myself am running the hybrid spec, in close to full 63's. I'm just wondering if it's better to use the clicky + adrenal at the same time, (before first cull?) or use for example the adrenal first, then next time cull is up, relic, etc. What will yield the most DPS? It's kinda expensive to try out myself, using adrenals, since I don't have a toon with biochem, otherwise I'd have tested myself instantly.

Thanks in advance.
Damage from power is linear. On the dummy, timing both of them together will yield better result because you can use them more often. For real fights, you need to consider threat : if you use both , chances are you will pull threat, and possibly wipe the raid. That being said, if there is a 'burn phase', and you have a marauder, the best thing to do is to pop everything during bloodthirst.