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I have a Juggernaut tank (same as the guardian) and have him geared to a point.
Generally we can survive a lot of spike predictable damage as a cooldown is usually available. If not we can survive but it will be hard. We have the lowest natural shield chance which is needed a boatload of shield chance to compensate to get to 50/50 of shield chance and absorb.Healing we also take more spike damage which makes healing a bit tense but manageable.
Our damage is lower than both the assassin and the powertech (shadow and vanguard respectively) and our threat takes longer to build. Don't go near AoE tanking as juggernauts we suck. We pick. The strongest mob and tank that while letting the other members deal with the strongs and weaks. Assassins and powertechs can use there AoE abilities which have a shorter cooldown and hit harder. Our resource is slow to build but is quite manageable and easier then cells or force.
On the whole I would put shadows as best for their innate surviibility and threat generation and their damage is higher than the other two (which I've seen on parses of).
Vanguards are probably next with their passive mitigation and their ability to generate snap threat (mortar bombardment) and their easier play style.
Finally Guardians are last but we can survive damage that the other tanks would die at without a boatload of healing (40% DR 25% max HP and 2s or invulnerability with an additional 50% of saber deflection) and our AoE threat sucks but we have a damn lot of mobility with charge and intercede (able to jump from mobs to players)
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