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I can only really speak of Vanguard tanking and a bit on Shadow but from what I have read and experienced they are all very good tanks, it really depends on your ability and preference at this point. I am one to agree that Vanguards are the 'easiest' to play. They have a simple rotation and excellent AOE pull, their weakness lies in their gear and lack of cool downs. They are so dependent (not that I am complaining here) on shield and absorb, but while they are the less spiky of the three, they lack the ability to power through high damage like the Guardian and are less forgiving on the healers over all than the Shadow. None of this is to down play the Vanguard, they are very good tanks at this point.

The Shadow has great AOE pulling ability, stealth and CC's, their self heals really ease the strain on the healers and when played well can really hold agro against even the rippiest of DPS. Their downsides as I have see are spikiness, lack of a direct gap closer and the complexity. But over all they are probably the best tank at the moment as they don't mind a bit of defense but shield and absorb still rule so gearing at 50/55 shouldn't be that big of a hassle.

Guardians I know the least about, they can handle spikes with their great cooldowns, two gap closer's are a plus, and are pretty well balanced gear wise. I think their weakness's are the weak AOE threat, and their ok damage. I almost hate to say this because I know a lot of good Guardian tanks, but they are easy to rip agro off of and it just seems to take longer to down bosses with them. Or maybe the Guardians I know aren't that good. :P