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As the thread title already may indicate, I am at the moment seriously considering to create my third "real" SWTOR character, and this one shall be a tank. Which leaves me the tough decision to pick between Guardian, Shadow and Vanguard.

Since my focus will be group PvE it would of course be good to know in advance what I am getting myself into with each class. I.e. what the strengths and weaknesses of each are in comparison to the other. Sadly the replies of my guild mates have not been overly helpful and the best summary Google could find for me is this one which is only a single opinion, and from 1.3. to boot.

Instead of spamming three different class forums with threads I'd rather ask on this one, then. Would you be so kind and give me a short rundown for endgame PvE about which tank class excels at mitigation (different kinds, if worth distinguishing), single target/multi target threat and whatever else you deem relevant. For example I remember one of my Denova HM tries, where on the final boss Kephess our Shadow tank complained how unsuited he was to take those heavy hits.

So I have something other than flavor to base my decision on.