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03.02.2013 , 06:00 PM | #2
First of all, accuracy does not compete with power. The way itemization works, you can only trade accuracy for Surge or alacrity.

And currently, accuracy is indeed almost useless.

Like 99% of your dps will be tech damage, and currently tech abilities do not miss at all, and pve enemies do not have any defense against tech abilities.

When the game updates 2.0 this will of course change, and accuracy will become much more useful, but for now, that we are still in 1.7, it is your least useful stat.

Basically only your Rifle Shot, Snipe, and Overload Shot will benefit from Accuracy, but since you don't really use the other 2 at all, it really comes down to benefitting Rifle Shot only.

This claim that you need 110% accuracy (and that it is most important secondary stat) comes from, which is a website famous for containing a lot of false information.

Wait just a few minutes, I will find some combat logs to show what I am talking about.