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Force choke would be a rather painkiller, considering that she would choke in the free space anyway. - if would want to increae her joy of pain then I would force grab her back onto ship and then put into a emergency cabine with a nice palus ( stake ) where I would impale her, attach some respiratory and send into a void ( after all she wanted to commit such a crime against herself, and me most importantly, killing herself without my permission? tsk tsk ) so she would be able to die slowly while watching stars, eh, my weak side, I'm unfortunately kind of romantic person.
unlike you I like her, she seems to be the only female love interest with intact flower, shes innocent with a certain moral blockades - funny to watch her forming bad opinions about my artistic lightsaber voyages.
Seriously, go seek help.

And the fact that the one of the only things you like about her is the fact she's a virgin, and you find her morals funny, makes that whole thing much worse.