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Hello everybody,

a friend of mine and I are playing o nthe german server T3-M4 and its the same problem with the Commandos and the Mers there aswell. My friend was testing his Mercs on the test-server this week - but today he told me it will still be the same problem. He likes his Mercs verry well, but he is allways saying that his Mercs is missing some ability like the sniper has for beeing not interuptable and not beeing first jumpign-target.

He tested his Mercs 1vs1 in pvp at the test-server. No chance against a marauder! ... Getting interupted, stuned, can't get away - down. The electro-net (new ability - don't know if it's called in english this way) only deals up to 200-300 damage...that's nothing that will stop a melee.

My idea for solveing this Mercenary/Commando-problem would be:
They should get an ability when using it the player rams his feet into the ground becoming a "rooted missile platform" (somthing like 1 sec. cast time) and after this the Mercenary/Commando is not interuptable/can't be jumped to for about 45 sec. This ability could be only used every 105 sec.

This would be my idea about Mercenary/Commando getting back into the PvP and you could give it a pretty cool ability effect.
Perhaps my english is not the best, but I think everyone understands my proposal.
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