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well personaly i prefer sunrider to satele.
And i find that theory that the jedi skills evolve over time a bit scketchy. In a universe where things remains stale for the most part doesnt make sense jedi in an advanced timeline being more skilled then the previous jedi.
Just like technology doesnt evolve much over milenia, that shouldnt evolve too, at least not that much that warrants a very big gap.

As the fight in it self, realy hard to say. Only that i prefer sunrider and her story over satele.
People ask whether or not the Shans are the Skywalkers of the Old Republic, the Sunriders want to say hello.
I also find amusing that Vima sunrider was to be featured in KOTOR instead of bastila shan, but the authors went for an original character.

Satele is actually the distant ancestor of Nomi Sunrider. Bastila Shan in KotOR was originally to be Vima Sunrider, Nomi's daughter. But her name and appearance were changed because Lucas did not own the rights to the Sunrider name. Where do you think Bastila and Satele got their talent for Battle Meditation? Nomi Sunrider.
You are partialy right. But you are partialy wrong too. Bastila isnt Vima sunrider shes an Original character all together. For once in KOTOR is very clear that her mother isnt force sensitve and was never a jedi.
I mean i would certainly cry if the Nomi sunrider would pass her last days in a cantina in tatooine.
As for batle meditation, being a power that can ne naturaly gifted to some jedi, doesnt mean any jedi powerfull enough cant learn it.
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