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Outstanding Witnezz! A pure 10/10. Your simple demonstration of truth and logic sums up the entire issue perfectly and I thank you for posting.
please answer the follwing 4 questions come hundreds of thousands of players can play the game with out lag or a single crash? Only a small percentage of people have crash to desktop.

2. People playing EvE, WoW, Rift, Aion, STO, and Champions Online have crash to desktops so does that mean those games are having the same problem? or does it mean that it is the persons computer having the problem?]

3. How come people using the SAME IPs that the people who are having crashes have no problems what so ever?

4. A search through google show no story what so ever saying that 1.5 million people have left SWTOR. Why did you feel the need to make up such a story?
Answer these 4 questions should be very easy for a man of your expertise to answer for those of us that are reading your posts.

I respectfully await you honest and truthfull reply.