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Clearly, you all know very little of Nomi Sunrider, her accomplishments, or her abilities. First of all, she was very skilled with a lightsaber. Second, she also became Grandmaster of the Jedi Order. As for Satele having "more to learn from," what is that exactly? Does she possess Revan's holocron? Did she learn from Nomi personally? Also, the "anti-dark side"? Where are you getting this garbage?

PS: Satele is actually the distant ancestor of Nomi Sunrider. Bastila Shan in KotOR was originally to be Vima Sunrider, Nomi's daughter. But her name and appearance were changed because Lucas did not own the rights to the Sunrider name. Where do you think Bastila and Satele got their talent for Battle Meditation? Nomi Sunrider.