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03.02.2013 , 11:59 AM | #1263
it is not the ISP issue (routing, rerouting etc..)

It is something in the client that make it behave to disconnect.
I have sudden freeze of environment - all npc and target stop doing anything and my lag meter go to the red «_» and after NO MORE than ~4-5 seconds goes to «X»..
After another 5(!) seconds the «X» is still there but environment is unfreezes and for a ~3 seconds i have chat filling with new messages, the mobs and other players start running around, i can see how i take/deal damage.. and after 3-4 seconds of such activity I DC to the server list.

and my question is - WHY?
WHY i DC to the Server list if it is clearly that i have the connection restored regardless whatever caused it to delay for 10seconds?
It is clearly the Client issue.

Yes, i have a rare ISP issues that causing a DC from time to time.. But when it is ISP fault - i have a «solid» DC - my game environment freeze and after ~20sec i DC WITHOUT any «unfreezes» at the last 2-3 sec.. I just forwarded to the Server List...
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