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Yes I realize that they aren't suppose to have them, what I mean by popping up is. Old Jedi from the old JO coming out and showing themselves. Yes he was living on a planet, that Anakin didn't want to go anywhere near.

I know Disney is going original, but following the movies anyway any surviving Jedi were hunted down, just because they weren't shown doesn't mean that its true. But anyway...we shall see what happens.
And Kenobi survived until old age and then going to the Death Star. So who says no other force users survived to old age. Just because they weren't in the battle doesn't mean it's not true. Funny how that works both ways, huh?

And since Kenobi knew of Leia, why did he say to Yoda in Empire that Luke was their only hope and Yoda said no there is another? It may not be force powers alone what Obi-Wan thought of Luke being the only hope but also his willingness to fight the Empire and embrace the Jedi teachings. Very possible since Kenobi didn't have memory issues I don't think forgetting two babies came out and Senator Organa took one.