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Hey just because she isn't apart of the Jedi Order anymore, doesn't mean she is safe. Galen Marek's parents weren't apart of the Order by the time Order 66 came around and Vader killed Galen's dad. Also yes...Vader's job was to hunt down any remaining/surviving jedi, so very well Ahsoka could be hunted down and killed regardless of her standing. Plus it is the NEW Jedi Order, not the Semi-New Jedi Order there are already a few Jedi from the Old JO that survived and joined Luke's we don't really need more.

Besides, if Jedi just keep surviving and then popping up out of nowhere later it is just showing that Palpatine/Vader and the GE couldn't do their jobs right and make themselves look like morons.
You are talking about books. Disney has stated they are going original. So you don't know who they plan to have as part of the Jedi Order in 7. I know the nerd-tears will be flowing strong with people if people from their favorite books are not even mentioned.

As for popping up out of nowhere, has it dawned on you that Jedi are not supposed to have offspring in the times. Episode 7 might have new rules since it's being rebuilt after the fall of the Empire in RotJ. So yes, they did pop up out of nowhere a lot of times.

And everything you said about why she can't be used in relation to 66 can also be applied to Kenobi. Yet, he was living on the planet where Anakin was born with one of his children nearby.