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Not being in the Order at the time of 66, why would that force user even be near the clones to get axed? I thought it was silly for Luke (and Leia) to be the only 2 force people left.

Oh and maybe Anakin didn't hunt her down like he didn't hunt down his former master. And she just walked away from him, Kenobi cooked his @s$ and left him for dead. Who do you think he'd be madder at?
Hey just because she isn't apart of the Jedi Order anymore, doesn't mean she is safe. Galen Marek's parents weren't apart of the Order by the time Order 66 came around and Vader killed Galen's dad. Also yes...Vader's job was to hunt down any remaining/surviving jedi, so very well Ahsoka could be hunted down and killed regardless of her standing. Plus it is the NEW Jedi Order, not the Semi-New Jedi Order there are already a few Jedi from the Old JO that survived and joined Luke's we don't really need more.

Besides, if Jedi just keep surviving and then popping up out of nowhere later it is just showing that Palpatine/Vader and the GE couldn't do their jobs right and make themselves look like morons.
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