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03.02.2013 , 10:17 AM | #13
I just started watching this series the other week. Luckily, a local channel is showing season 1 reruns now. I had the movie that kicked off the series on DVD but never watched it until this past week. And cable on-demand has the last five episodes aired. And has like 6 episodes online but 2 of those were from the on-demand five and two others were from the episodes the local channel aired this week.

But I was thinking it was easily Berris (sp?) then didn't think they'd do that because it was too obvious.

However, if they write off Asuka (sp?) from the Clone Wars and that's how she leaves Anakin, can they possibly bring in a very elderly version of her in the next trilogy since she probably escaped Order 66 if she's gone from the Order for good? She could be helping Luke guide the next gen Jedi in Episode 7. Now that would make sense of having the character just walk away instead of killing her off before they reach Episode 3 time.