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It depends on the role you want to play and how you do your armoring while leveling.

I go pure modable in every slot so cybertech and scavaging and UT are essential. Cybertech also makes your earpieces.

But this leaves you needing enhancements and implants and augments and hilts and crystals. If you have alts then, I would first look to artifice and arch for the hilts and enhancements. If you are looking at a tanking spec then Armormech for the sheild, absorb, and defence augments or if dps synth for the might augments.

Last, Bio gives the implants.

I have a tanking Jugg and am currently leveling a JK guard tank so it is nice to be able to make all of my gear..

My experience (some may differ) is that the cybertech is most important just because of the sheer number of mods and armoring that you go through while leveling. I usually am about two levels above content as I progress and find planetary commendations useless to a great degree since they provide "stuff" below my level. I also gear up my companions myself. I note that the CM has made the gear shells dirt cheap and avvailable from level 1 (not to mention legacy and social gear) and I have not crafted a piece of gear in a long time.

Again, some may disagree with me, but on my SI healer i don't believe I used any biochem products other than stims from time to time (while leveling) and they were made by my Trooper. It was a while since I leveled him, and he had synth so I could pop the then BIS bracers and waist when I hit 50. It was before the CM so it helped to be able to craft my own gear.

PS - If you are leveling with a friend and don't have a stable of alts, take complimentary crafting skills that hit the mods, armoring, and enhancements as basic and work together to keep both of you geared.

PPS - I play with my wife and a Jugg / healling combo is dynamite. LOL, we played a Jugg tank and Maurader combo with two Quinns and nothing short of a World Boss could take us down,