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Undercutting by a large amount. I know that this has been mentioned before but I am seeing a lot more of it.

For example, MK-6 kits are selling for 34,000 credits + or - 500 and have been going for that amount for a few hours. When I list at that price, usually half of my listings are sold befoe I finish. Then all of a sudden nothing. I check back and find that someone has listed three or four pages at 30,000. A 4,000 drop. Then people start listing at 29.500 so that they can make a sale and the price sprials down. A few days later the glut is gone and the kits once again sell vigorously for 34,000 for a while and then again someone drops three or four pages at 30,000 and here we go again.

It ends up that a few people depress the price of the kits and by dumping keep it lower than it should be. I can see posting low to make sales, but when I consider the profitability of each sale (sale price minus time cost and what I could sell the mats for) a little over 10% in price drop magnifies into a very large percentage of net gain,

Perhaps someone who is doing pages and pages of listings at prices significantly under what the item could list and sell for will explain their rational. In the example of the kits, if you buy the mats there is not a huge profit margin in the kits and if you gather the mats through missions or directly out in the world it takes a ton of time. 30+ kits (three or more pages) at 10 components per kit is 300 components which at about 8 mats for component gives over (without the re mat pay back) 2,400 mats. That is a lot and represents a large investment in time and/or credits. Dumping al of that at a much lower price than is needed to make the sales and screw up the market just does not make sense to me. Selling 30 kits to gain the same amount that 15 or 20 will give does not make sense to me.

I used kits as an example, but am seeing this in a lot of places and for a lot of items.