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The internet is not a perfect beast I am afraid, and whilst the issue may not be at the user end it can be beyond there control, this is also why most games have different servers in different areas.

If a player has issues on one server doesnt mean he will have the same issue on another.

The blue post in this thread sums it up well

Quoted - There are thousands of things that can cause disconnection. What resolves the issue for one person may not work for someone else.
What do you mean by different server like another region or shall I encounter different latency in the same region just a different server? That would be interesting fix ofc

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To my good friend Mr. Owen Brooks,

1. How come many other people (as seen in the many threads and posts on the issue) from all around the world using many many different ISP's are having the EXACT SAME problem? Note: Im not talking about a little lag (as you suggest by posting those links above), im talking about the EXACT SAME issue here.

2. Do you really believe all of us should contact hundreds of different carriers and ask them if they will reroute our signal so we can play SWTOR as you and CS has repeatedly asked us to do?

3. How come this same pool of people report that they have NO MAJOR issues with any of other MMO's they play? Note: Again, im not talking about having an issue from time to time here. Im talking about this issue where this game has become unplayable for many people using many different ISP's and we are all reporting the exact same problem.

4. How come I can be playing EvE, WoW, Rift, Aion, STO, and Champions Online without a major issue, yet my wife in the same room playing SWTOR at the EXACT SAME TIME as im playing one of those titles above, drops constantly, either to the desktop or to a neverending loadscreen?

That's it sir. The 4 questions that should be very easy for a man of your knowledge and stature to be able to explain to those of us that are represented in the many threads about this subject.

I respectfully await you honest and truthfull reply...
Thx, agreed!
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Panda ??? who is this Panda U speak of Carl.